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Cradle Of Filth


Nymphetamine - 2004

Текст песни:

Swansong For A Raven

Forgive the day's
Last serenades
Her skies, they bruise like Nordic women
Deep crimson stains
That Death would claim
His robes of office swim in

As would I
For His dark eye
Has fixed, a basilisk, a scythe
On charred remains
With shared disdain
For those I chose to mortify

Thier cries
Have paralysed
And the smoke has choked these vistas
But I still lie
Though tears have dried
One the grave of my Clarissa

A verse for her whispered to the earth
(A lover's curse is a see-through coffin)
Praises Her curves so oft concurred

Though she was...
No Show White on the night she died
Her shadower's boon when the mooon glazed over
Lipped with blood and secrets pried

For on and in they spread Her wide
That seraph bride
The Devil's pride
Shalt soon avenge with swift reprise

But they would writhe
For my dark eye
Bewitched, was fixed like Mordecai's
On Esthers reign
And in this vein
I saw their lust still stain Her thighs

Their cries
Have paralysed
And the smoke has choked these vistas
But still I lie
Though the tears have dried
On the grave of my Clarissa

Beneath these trees where the mist enwreathes
Her spirit flees, seeing chains of toches
A fleeting kiss stirring leaves of poetry...

I was...
No dark knight, breaking men like ice
I was like a lyncahtrope until the moon glazed over
Lipped with blood and last goodbyes

Now I dream
Enwrapt in pure clouds of the sweetest oblivion
Where beauty streams
Freed from the teeth of those beasts that had come
To tear out Her spells
In red lettered cells
Wherein even the crown prince of Hell
Come out of His arrogant shell
Would flater to better

But Her face soon dispells
And as black feathers fells
From heaven's smoke
So I woke to insanity
Her exquisite corpse
Found fit for their sport
Of course
Would burn on the morrow with me...

And there on this night
Strung up in my sight
Naked she sways
Displayed fopr their vulgar delight

I scream through my bars at the stars
That for these cirimes of mine solace me

I will not fear the flame
That to passion are tame
Not neaarly the same searing pain
(I pray) as held sway upon losing Her
Nor the mettle of roars
That will settles like ashes and scores
As with our ghosts in the fog
When we both turn no more

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