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Yule Ritual - 2001

Текст песни:

Flying Doctor

He sneaks through the door of the surgery
He's got the drug cabinet key, he did something funny
And tied up his arm
It's just the flying doctor, no cause for alarm
He sprinkled out a powder, and laid out a line
He sniffed it up his nostrils, feeling so fine
Feeling so fine, it feels like he's blind
Feeling so fine, it feels like he's blind
His receptionist saw him, it certainly shocked her
She said "Look out, you'd better stop, here
Comes the Flying Doctor"
Out in the outback there's been an outbreak
And the Flying Doctor's got nothing to take
He went to the cabinet and the cabinet was bare
He's so outraged and you can see by his stare
Called up his brakes on the radio, he said "My supplies
Are running low" They're running low you can see
Where they go. They're running low I see where they go
Out in the outback with my merciful claptrap
Look out you'd better duck, here comes the Flying Doctor
He's got the cabinet key, the cabinet key, the cabinet key
"This is the Flying Doctor calling Wallarolla back. Will
The base come in please? I want to talk to you about
My drugs case... He's as drunk as a Kangaroo's Carburetor"
Cabinet key
Wake up one, two, three, four
A Sheilah in the bush by a Koolah bar tree needing an
Urgent appendectomy
The Flying Doctor like a true Australian, performed the
Operation with a saltine can, he made a rough incision
And tried to chew it out, he had no anaesthetic
So she started to shout, she started to shout. When
He was chewing it out. She started to shout and
Tried to chew him right out, balled up his fist and
So typically socked out
Look out you'd better stop. Here comes the Flying Doctor.
Cabinet key, cabinet key, cabinet key...

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